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Nonyl Phenol Substitute - New Epoxy System Additive
2011-03-15    Source:    Hit:1348次
     For a long time, nonyl phenol has been widely used in the epoxy system formula as promoting agent, toughening agent and diluent. Due to its excellent performance, nonyl phenol plays an important role in the epoxy system and can not be replaced by other products. But, since January 1, 2011, nonyl phenol has been listed in Catalogue of Toxic Chemicals That Are Strictly Limited from Import/Export in China. According to the Provisions on Environmental Management on the First Import of Chemicals and the Import and Export of Toxic Chemicals, enterprises that import or use nonyl phenol must submit the Environmental Protection Report on Application Enterprises for the Registration of the First Import/Export of Toxic Chemicals with examination report issued by the local provincial environmental protection departments and “Provincial/Municipal Opinionaire on Enterprises That Firstly Apply for the Import/Export (Production/Use) of Toxic Chemicals ”, and handle relevant application procedures.Because the use of nonyl phenol is restricted and the price rises sharply, the overall development of the epoxy resin industry will be greatly influenced.
     Fujian King Brand Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. takes the lead in developing a new modified alkyl phenol product according to the needs of customers. Compared with nonyl phenol, it features low viscosity, good promoting effect, fast hardness growth, etc and can completely replace nonyl phenol and be used in the epoxy system as a low-price additive. Now, the company has sent samples to customers and supplies goods normally.
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