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High Cost-performance Cashew Oil Phenolic Aldehyde Modified Amine Provides Economic Coating Application
2013-03-22    Source:    Hit:1584次
     Recently, King Brand Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. has introduced a new high cost-performance cashew oil phenolic aldehyde modified amine series product, Kingcure 445CX75 (high solid coating) and Kingcure 450CX75 (solvent-based coating application) curing agents, which are mainly designed to help coating manufacturers for more economical formula application.
     Kingcure 445CX75 and Kingcure 450CX75 have almost the same performance with the usual cardanol modified amine. In normal and low temperature conditions, they feature fast curing, exceeding water impedance and good surface (including rusty and cold wet surfaces) adhesion. What’s more, their prices are lower than that of the general polyamide and almost the same that with modified aromatic amine and T31. Besides, Kingcure 445CX75 and Kingcure 450CX75 have overcome polyamide’s slow curing, aromatic amine’s toxicity, T31’s fragility, and other shortcomings, thus they can be used in economical coating formula replacing polyamide, modified aromatic amine and T31 curing agents.
     These two curing agents are dark brown and mainly used in the intermediate and bottom coatings, composite material coatings and other economical formulas for ships, bridges, containers and industrial protection.
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