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Product Technical Services
      In view of the market demand and the development tendency of epoxy hardeners, our company was initially going into operation of modified amine and polyamide series which have been registered a trademark as Kingcure, are exhibited in the product tables. Customers may select some suitable hardeners according to the specifications, characteristics and applications of our product line. While supplying these products, we also offer below free technical services able to decrease the unnecessary burdens of users greatly.
- Provides free samples of the epoxy hardeners (have to give us tested feedback 
  information of the free samples in certain deadline for premise).
- According to the feedback information, if some performances of the present 
  products need to improve, we are willing to provide new improved samples and meet
  the various needs of our users greatly.
- For long-term cooperation users, we may freely provide related technical training,
  each kind of technical information (including coating formulations, adhesive
  formulations, product application  xamples and some detailed technical data etc.).
- Downloads the company's homepage news, new product information and so on technical literature etc. services.
- Assigned the specialized technician and the sales person to work for the post-sale service of our products in order
   to meet the needs of customers.
- If our product line has not suited the required item of users, we also may carry on the work according to the 
  customer request to plan and/or design a new product, simultaneously develop a satisfying product recognized by 

Product Trademarks

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